I'm a Lighter, CG Generalist, and Compositor. I'm enthusiastic about animation, movies, and everything related to lighting. The thing I enjoy most in CG is adding warmth into it then bring out emotion and feeling.

With a deep fine arts background, I have mastered impeccable drawing skills, honed my sense of observation, and developed a keen sensitivity of light, shadow, and color to craft highly resonant imagery. I have also evolved wide CG knowledge and problem-solving skill while working on a wide range of styles of projects.

Skills Capability:

Lighting | Compositing | LookDev | Texturing | Modeling | Tracking

Software Capability:

Maya | Houdini | Nuke | Substance Painter/Designer | Mari | PFTrack | Vray | Arnold | | ZBrush | Adobe Suite

Work Experience

Framestore, Chicago, IL


Dec 2017 - present

Established lighting, look development, texture, model, and compositing for commercial. Clients include Verizon, Capital One, Kellogg’s, Google, Nintendo, etc.
Sometimes traveled to LA office to provide additional artist support for NDA projects.


Framestore, Chicago, IL


Sep 2017 - Dec 2017

Crafted lighting, look development, texture, model, and compositing for commercial


Mokuni Game, New York, NY


Sep 2017 - Sep 2017

Produced CG environment for VR game


Blue Sky Studios, Greenwich, CT


Jun 2017 - Aug 2017

Created shot lighting and compositing for a feature film - Ferdinand (2017)


Freelance, New York, NY


Jun 2016 - Aug 2016

Completed shot lighting and compositing for a feature film Bushwick and a short film 2031.


Aries Creative Animation Studio, Taipei, Taiwan


May 2015 – July 2015

Contributed modeling, texturing and lighting for commercials and short films, including “A Girl’s Secret” and “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”.

Awards &



  • Hiroshima International Animation Festival- official Selected

  • SMPTE-HPA Student Film Festival - Innovative Use of Technology in an Animated Narrative Short - Award Winner

  • Animae Caribe Festival - Official Selected

  • Tokyo Anime Award Festival - Official Selected

  • ACM Siggraph MetroCAF 2017 - Short Animation - Award Winner

  • Hsin Yi Children animation festival - Award Winner

  • TISDC Taiwan International Student Design Competition - Award Winner

  • KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival 2017 - Specifically for the Kids program - Official Selected

  • The World Animation Celebration - Official Selected

  • Animal film festival - Award Winner

  • Dublin Animation Festival - honorable mention

  • Sustainability Short Film Festival - Award Winner

  • Mud and Saltwater Short Film Festival - Animation - Award Winner

  • ASIFA East Festival - Honorable Mention

  • CFF Caselle Film Festival - Environmental & Nature - Official Selected

  • The Animation Showcase - official Selected

  • Animayo International Film Festival of Animation, VFX and Videogames - Official Selected

  • Festival anim!arte -official Selected

  • The rookies - official selection

  • BAFTA- shortlist

  • Voices from the Waters International Traveling Film Festival - Official Selected

  • Imaginaria - Short Animation Films - Official Selected

  • Sax International Film Festival - Animation Short - Official Selected

  • Taichung International Animation Festival - Non Competition - Official Selected

  • Lahore International Children's Film Festival - Shorts (Animation) - Official Selected

  • Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival (FICMA) - Short Film - Official Selected

  • Barcelona Planet Film Festival - Best Animation Short Film - Official Selected

  • FILMETS Badalona Film Festival - Short Film - Official Selected

  • PSIAF Palm Spring International Animation Festival - Official Selected

  • Conway Film Festival - Official Selected

  • L A cineast - Official Selected

  • Animattikon - Official Selected

  • Ajayu International Festival - Official Selected

  • 2017 the 10th Cyber Sousa awards - Official Selected

  • CA it Award - Official Selected

  • Kolkata International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival - Official Selected

  • One Earth Film Fest - Official Selected

  • Ekotopfilm Film Festival - Official Selected

  • Ecozine Film Festival - Official Selected

  • Freeland film festival - Official Selected

  • The 8th International Animated Movies Festival Animocje - Official Selected


The Rookies